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Customer Nomination Form

Innovation Awards

The Innovation Awards recognize customers for their successful use of Skillsoft content, the Percipio learning experience platform and/or SumTotal’s HCM solution (talent acquisition, learning management, talent management and workforce management). Please use this worksheet to prepare your entry for the Innovation Awards. Upon completion, please transfer your answers to the online nomination form. Submissions will be considered for all categories, except the Talent Development Champion of the year category, which is opt-in only. Submissions are due on February 8, 2019.

Please note that due to the number of submissions we receive, we cannot accept additional/supplemental materials as part of your award entry. Thank you.

Questions can be directed to:

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Skillsoft Business and Management Skills
Skillsoft Digital Transformation Skills
Skillsoft Leadership Skills
Skillsoft IT and Certification Skills
Skillsoft Digital Skills
Skillsoft Compliance
SumTotal Learning Management
SumTotal Talent Management
SumTotal Talent Acquisition
SumTotal Workforce Management
SumTotal Growth Edition (fka Maestro)
1. Company description, including number of employees and licensed solutions users. (250 words or less)

2. What business challenges or initiatives prompted you to build/continue with your program? (e.g., better learning experience, IT skill gaps, leadership development, career planning, compliance)? (250 words or less)

3. Summarize the size and scope of your organization's program. Explain when and how the program was implemented and what makes it targeted, personalized and most importantly, effective. Include what Skillsoft and/or SumTotal products you use. (500 words or less)

4. How has the program grown and adapted to the changing needs of the organization? (500 words or less)

5. What is the overall business impact of the program? How did Skillsoft/SumTotal (e.g., account team, products, services, support) contribute to the success of your program. What metrics are used to measure success? Please describe your reporting strategies with respect to measurement and include ROI statistics. (500 words or less)

6. Are there any anecdotes or quotes from end users about their experience with our organization that you can share? (300 words or less)

7. What plans do you have to evolve and grow your program and make it relevant and impactful? (250 words or less)

If you wish to be considered for the Talent Development Champion of the Year Award, please answer the following question:

8. Is there a person who is the champion for learning and talent development within the organization? How has he/she created momentum within the organization to ensure a successful talent initiative? What advantages has having this person involved brought to the organization? How has he/she been able to create an environment that transforms the organization? (500 words or less)



Award nominations are open!

Nominations for the Innovation Awards are open to Skillsoft customers and partners until Tuesday, February 8, 2019. Winners will be publicly announced during the week of Perspectives 2019. Your organization does not have to be present at Perspectives to qualify. Please contact with questions.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions, please contact your account representative or for additional details.